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Teacher Tools Home > Online Interactive Dissections

  • Interactive Frog Dissection Tutorial: An online tutorial to learn how to prepare and dissect a frog and interact with online tools to test your skills once completing the tutorial.

  • Virtual Dissection of Earthworms: View pictures and descriptions of the internal and external parts of an earthworm.

  • Virtual Cat Dissection: Learn all about the body parts of a cat: external anatomy, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, digestive, urogenital, circulatory, and nervous system.

  • Human Anatomy Online: Interactive tutorial and reference to learn all about human anatomy.

  • Cow's Eye Dissection: Learn all about dissecting a cow's eye online and obtain a PDF file on instructions on how to perform a dissection of a cow's eye.

  • Dissection of Cow Eye: Get a closer look at pictures of a cow's eye during dissection.

  • Pig Dissection Lab: Learn step by step about preparing and dissecting a pig.

  • Mouse Anatomy Online: 125 links to internal and external parts of a mouse.

  • External Human Brain Anatomy: Get an overall view and learning concept of the human brain and its parts.

  • Neuroanatomy Tutorial: Information pertaining to the brain and its parts: external, sagittal, coronal, and transverse sections.

  • Grasshopper Dissection: An overview terminology of a grasshopper's external and internal parts with pictures.

  • Human Hand Anatomy: A list of links to everything about the human hand and its internal and external parts. Obtain information on terminology, diagrams and pictures.

  • Cat Muscles: Get a closer look by clicking on the picture to look at each part of the muscles of a cat.

  • Sheep Brain Anatomy: A guide and tutorial of a sheep's brain with detailed information, terminology and pictures.

  • Owl Pellet Dissection: Information about owl pellets and actually do a dissecting experiment on different types of owl pellets.

  • Human Heart Dissecting: Learn all about the human heart and its internal parts and organisms.

  • Dog Anatomy Online: List of links pertaining to the anatomy of a dog for exterior and internal organs.





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