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My Teacher Tools Archive

Meet the Author : Eric Carle The Biology Project
The Audio Art Gallery The Learning Box
Art 21. org Learning Tools 100 Best Books for Kids
Alfy's Award Maker Discovery Brain Boosters
Amusement Park Physics Interactive Behavior Contracts
Animals Around the World More Behavior Contracts
Activity: Learning About Apostrophes Body and Mind: CDC
Assistive Technology Building Big
Free Anagrams Building a Radio
The Fun Brain Curriculum Guide
  Bulletin Board Ideas
  The Science of Baseball
  Birthday Signs: abcTeach
  The Book Adventure for K-8
  "Be Ready!" Interactive for Kids
  Back to School w/ Microsoft
  Interactive Biotech Resources
The Science of Cooking Dive and Discover from WHOI
Cool Cosmos Site Online Dictionaries
Online Calendar Creator Roald Dahl Official Website
Casa Notes: notes to parents Dance Mat Typing

Printable August Calendar

The Weird Word Dictionary
Citation Machine Designing Effective Projects
"The Collage Machine"

Dietary Guidance Tools

Classroom Setup Tool

Divisibitility Rules

Teacher Checklists Dot-2-Dot Interactive Tools
Country Reports  
September Printable Calendars  
Inside a Cell  
Visual Calculus  
21st Century Literacies  

WebMath Calculators

Certificates and Awards

The Comic Creator  
The BIG Online Calculator  
Certificate Maker  
Hands-On Craft Interactives  
Crossword Puzzle Maker  
Color In Motion Interactive
Teaching "Environment" Rubrics "Facemaker"

EasyTech by Learning.com

Online Family Tree Maker

Einstein Light

Flashcard Maker

Daumm Equation Editor - a Chrome Add-on "fauxToGram" Art Interactive
EduType Virtual Field Trips
  Flip Book Creator

Fractions Game



Primary Forms for Teachers


  Visual Fractions
Interactive Thinking Guides

Humane Education

Learning European Geography

History and Politics Out Loud

Interactive: Learn About Garbage

Kid's Health Dictionary


The Great Graph Match


Geometric Matching Interactive


Weekly Grade Sheet

Google Teacher Academy  


Jumble Kids Spelling
Immersion Checklist Interactive Jig-Saw Puzzles
Eye on Idioms

100 Writing Prompts Journal Ideas

IEP Resource Guide July Printable Calendar

Interactive: ABC Match

Kidzone: by the NWF LessonPlan Templates
Kids.gov The Internet Public Library
  Ready-Made Forms and Letters
  Classic Literature at Litscape.com
  The Letter Generator

Longitude and Latitude




Follett Library Resources


Math Numeracy Tools

NetAlert CyberSafe Schools
A+ Math Tools

Nobel e-Museum

Online Math Worksheet Generator

NASA Online Activities

Magnification Tools

The Mind of Isaac Newton

Roz's Math-o-Rama

NorthPole.com Interactive


National Geographics Printable Posters

A Math Dictionary for Kids

Newbery Medal Award Homepage

Metric Conversion Tools
The Middle School Portal  

Virtual Math Manipulatives


Online Math Interactives

MOMA's Modern Teacher  
Multiplication Applet  
Math and Sports Webquest  
The Monster Exchange Project  
The Mathsite  

Interactive Math Dictionary

Maps from Xpeditions
McAfee Virus Finder  
DSO Kids Music Interactive  
MOMA Interactive Art

Mastering the Computer Mouse


Math Playground Interactive


Motivate your students


Operation Respect: Don't Laugh

Peace Tools for Teachers

OLOGY The Great Plant Escape
  Poetry Form Finder
Exploring the Planets

Office, Hall and Library Passes


Project Based Learning Checklists

  Quick Print Page Templates for Teachers

Interactive Acrostic Poem & Lessons


The Persuasion Map

  Interactive Pronunciation

The Poetry Idea Engine

  Phases of the Moon
  Planet Impact: Interactive
  "To Plant or Not to Plant?"

Paper Model Polyhedra


Interactive: The Particle Adventure


Puzzle Makers


PodCasts for Teachers


Primary Games: Volume IV


Building a Portfolio


Online Puzzle Games for Students

  Interactive Period Table

The Rice Game

Simple Machines

Special Needs Webring

Read-Aloud Assessment Tool Six Ways to Practice Spelling
The Rhyming Zone "Store Wars"
50 Essential Tips for Student Success
  Teacher Salary Tools
  Learning 50 US States: Interactive

Star Light/ Star Bright


Shakespeare For Kids


Exploratorium for Science


Equity Tools for Special Needs

  Starting the School Year
  Science Toymaker

Scientific Notation WebQuest


Kid's Search Tools

  Spelling Wizard
  Anywhere Science Activities
  All About Me - Scavenger Hunt

Planning a Science Fair


Interactive Science Animations


The Science of Gardening


Special Education Resources


Sesame Street Activities

  Instructional Strategies
  Science Coloring Pages & Worksheets
  3M Science of Every Day Life
  Social Studies Central
Create a Time Line

USA: Growth of a Nation Interactive

Teaching Thinking Skills Underground Railroad WebQuest

The Visual Thesaurus

The Scale of the Universe

Timetable Tool For Teachers  

Time Teaching Tool


Teacher Prep Time: Is it enough?


Time, Distance & Speed

Build a Tic Tac Flashlight  

Technology in the Classroom


Tech Topics for Teachers

The Thinking Machine

Teaching Weather

Teaching Time

Treasury Lesson Plans for Teachers
Babelfish Translator
Top 10 Teacher Template Sites
Voices of Youth

The ABC's of Website Evaluation

Illustrated Interactive Vocabulary

Word Search Creator

Vocational Education Resources

WordCentral.com Interactive

VENN Diagrams A to Z

WebQuests for Teachers

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

The Weather Maker


Wonderville Interactive Village

Words and Pictures

Xpeditions Atlas  





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